What's the Minimum Age to Purchase Marijuana Products?

You Must Be At Least 21 or Over to Purchase and/or process any sort of Cannabis Product.

Recreational Use of Marijuana at Home.

All New Yorkers within State Lines are now able to possess up to Three Ounces of Cannabis for Recreational Use. New Yorkers may also Possess Up to 24 Grams of Concentrated Cannabis such as Oils Derived from Cannabis(Wax Pens).

Where Can I Smoke without Facing any Legal Issues?

New Yorkers May Smoke their Marijuana Products in Public wherever Smoking Tobacco is Allowed. Smoking any sort of Cannabis is Illegal on all School Campuses, Workplaces, and Motor Vehicles.

Driving While Impaired.

It is Illegal to Drive any Sort of Vehicle while Under the Influence of any Cannabis Products. Driving Under the Influence Can, and will Result in a Charge of Driving While Ability Impaired By Drugs (DWAI).

Can I Grow My Own Marijuana at Home?

New York State Permits a Maximum of 12 Plants Per Household. Plants must stay on an Owner’s/Renter’s Property, or Indoors. Owners must also take Preventable Measures to Prevent anyone under the Age of 21 from Gaining Access to the Plant.